Specializing in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Greater China countries

One-stop service for sales channel development, overseas trade, and logistics

Support areas

Logistics arrangements and customs clearance in China, development of wholesalers, and export of Wagyu beef

中国・台湾・香港 貿易物流支援
Trade / logistics support
Trade and logistics support
Market development
Sales channel development and sales agent
Export of WAGYU Japanese beef
Export of Wagyu Beef

Strengths of Pallu


Integrated services from sales channel development to logistics arrangements

It is said that finding new business partners in China and other countries is a matter of personal connections. At Pallu, we always value our relationships with people and are always ready to introduce large business partners in a variety of fields such as food, cosmetics, and supplements.


Over 11 years of experience in supporting business expansion into Greater China

Pallu has more than 11 years of experience in supporting companies entering the Greater China region. We have supported clients such as Eisai Inc. and Nagano Prefecture.


Support by Japanese expatriates

Pallu human resources include talented and experienced staff from THE BUNK OF CHINA, one of the top four in the world, Sagawa Express, bilingual Japanese and Chinese, and reverse cross-border EC managers. It is possible to conduct close communications via the web from the local in China and Taiwan.


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