Specialized exporter for quality Japanese beef including Japanese Wagyu and Kobe beef.

Exporting Japanese Wagyu beef for Canada/United States

All of our Japanese Wagyu beef will be exported according to the USDA/CFIA approval from Japanese farms.

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Expand Your Legitimate Wagyu Beef Market

Japanese Wagyu beef -- one of the most luxurious beef in the world.There is an increasing demand of Japanese beef in Canada and the United States.You can order a whole cow for the best rates. Each month, our farms in Japan can supply over 200 cows of high end A5 Grade Wagyu beef. In addition, we can also provide you over 200 cows of A4 and A3 Grades. All of our Japanese Wagyu beef will be exported to Canada and the United States in accordance to the official and regulatory approval.In our opinion, the Gold Grade American Wagyu beef is equivalent to M9 Grade Australian Wagyu beef and A3 Grade Japanese Wagyu beef.


Logistic Services

We can arrange transportation for you between Japan, Canada, and the United States. For contract arrangements such as FOB or CIF, which require additional brokerage and delivery services, our Pallu agent in Canada will be happy to assist you.

Distribution to US/Canada

US, Canada, etc.,

We sell and export famous Japanese Wagyu beef including Kobe beef and Japanese Black beef, etc.

We can offer you a variety of A4 and A5 Grade Japanese Black beef brands including Kobe, Yonezawa, Sandai, Matsusaka, Miyazaki, Omi, Kagoshima, etc.

Export Areas



Fulfill the cravings and memories of local Japanese, Chinese, and culinary fans aboard.


The United States

The revenue generator with the most beef consuming population in North America


East Asia

For Chinese fans who wish to have the convenience not having to travel to Japan

You can customize your orders for a more hassle-free inventory management.

Orders in smaller quantities of various Japanese Wagyu beef and of different Grades are also negotiable to suit your needs. If you are interested in trial orders for a rewarding opportunity, we are happy to assist you.

Transform your business

Be part of the pioneers to bring Japanese beef to North America.

We offer free online consultation to help you import high end A5 Grade Japanese Wagyu beef according to the necessary regulatory requirements.Although the Japanese Wagyu beef import has been affected by the pandemic, the reopening of businesses is soon to come. Please contact us as soon as possible before quantities of affordable cows run out.

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