Export of Japanese Wagyu beef

All Wagyu cattle are exported from Japanese farms through official channels.

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Open up the formal and bull market

Japanese Wagyu beef - the world's most expensive beef High demand in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our customers are buying whole Wagyu beef, and we can supply more than 200 top A5 Wagyu beef and more than 200 A4 and A3 grade Wagyu beef a month, all exported to China and other regions through proper channels.
Australian Wagyu's top M9 is equivalent to
equivalent to Japanese Wagyu A3 grade.



Support transportation between Japan and Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. FOB・CIF, etc. with the request to arrange logistics company.
Our Palu China logistics department will be dedicated to serve you.

Distribution to China

To Mainland China
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Developing the market before lifting the ban on the export of Wagyu cattle!

The Chinese government has banned the import of Japanese beef since 2001. Currently, only Wagyu beef under 30 months of age can be imported, and the ban will be fully lifted after November 2020. We at Palu Co., Ltd. are taking the lead in developing wholesalers to prepare for the smooth export of Wagyu beef from all farms in Japan to meet the huge market for Japanese beef in China.

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Satisfy Chinese travelers who can't go to Japan to eat Wagyu beef



Asia's Gourmet Center



Most people have been to Japan and know the taste of authentic Japanese Wagyu beef

Ranch size Shipment quantity  No Problem

We can receive small lots and can negotiate for all grades of beef.
We are happy to serve customers who just want to confirm the market situation.

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Bringing Japanese beef to China, Taiwan, America

We can export the top grade Japanese black hair beef A5 grade for you through the official channel. Free consultation on the website.
Although the epidemic and the lifting of the ban on cattle are still slow, there is not much time left until the full opening.
Please contact us as soon as possible because the number of heads that can be exported is limited.

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